Tuesday, 17 May 2011

So much for wishing hard that something alien happens...

My flat got burgled.

Turns out after all that swearing and complaining about my mundane life, the universe decided to intervene. And not in the nice, quasi-peaceful kind of way it is supposed to. The story goes thus: The new guesthouse I had moved into a month ago temporarily didn't really have any problems. It looked straight out of those housing adverts; a little too good to be true. And my room was deservedly the one with the best view and the nicest balcony. Well, obviously, I didn't think twice about grabbing the offer. It felt like the safest place of real estate in the world.

Only when I came home after work to a building of bawling girls, did I have second thoughts. Jewellery, watches, and cash had disappeared into thin air. The strange part? My room was the only one that the thief found uninteresting. Apparently, the poor guy didn’t have a taste for red wine and good books.

2 voices:

Revathy said...

How is it that you always end up finding either strange places, or nice places with strange people in it?

Tejilee said...

This can only be you!!! Why do such strange things happen to strange people like you?!!!