Monday, 1 November 2010

Watching Indian news channels could harm your brain - Tried and tested.

I don't understand why Indian news channels have begun to resemble episodes from corny Indian reality shows. Someone has got to do something about these god-awful news anchors and television journalists. Sagarika Ghose dolls herself up enough to make you want to take a gardening hose and just wash her down, Arnab Goswami is outright obnoxious, Rajdeep Sardesai screams into the camera like the Indian public are hard of hearing, and finally, there is Barkha Dutt, the scum of mainstream Indian news media. Watching her everyday is like watching re-runs of something as lame as Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahut Thi. Also, when she is out of work, I think she's busy searching for anything she can fill air-time with. If you want something minced to bits and served with flavour on air, give Barkha a call and she'd be right there - she pencils everything down, like those waiters who constantly ask you what you'd like to eat and how you'd like it ten thousand times. She makes porn out of events of national importance. Remember the days after the Mumbai attacks when she analysed a curtain for three hours, and then moved on to all that painful rhetoric about the government and how no one is paying attention and how everyone should be really concerned about the world coming to an end this very minute. Really, forget being scared of terrorists, you'd be scared of all that insanity she spews forth. It's like she's on the brink of losing her god-forsaken mind. And all that obsession with 'Breaking news'. Since when did Rakhi Sawant become breaking news? or that calf born with three horns? or superficial Katrina Kaif holidaying in Mexico?

I'm not saying that Indian journalists (including Barkha) are all dumb, but really all that breaking news is destroying my brain. I'm sure they have enough air time to show some of that intelligence that are supposed to have.

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absy said...

Alas.......someone mention burka. i got sick of her programs.i think people like u should replace indian journalists like burka. what she does is not journalism,its @?!!!. she always win due to her smartness n talkative skill.

lage rahoo...........

Akshay said...

It's indeed true that the news channels today resemble the melodramatic TV shows on air currently. I second Absy to a very large extent. It's a pity we have journos like Barkha and Arnab on air today.