Sunday, 29 August 2010


Remember the co-worker I had introduced to you a few entries ago? The attention-seeking, bride-hunting, incorrigible, sociopath who made me wonder if the male race is, by all means, a genetic failure? Yes, TT. That's who this post is about.

Turns out that I wasn't wrong and judgmental about him, after all.

On Monday, a rather depressed friend from the office on the first floor, came to my cubicle and asked for help. 'M, I know you have alot of pets at home. I rescued a squirrel that fell off the tree in my garden, and I have no idea how to save the little fellow.. could you tell me what I could do?'

After an hour of discussing details on how the poor little thing could be saved, he decided to book an appointment with the family vet. 'I don't think vets here are of any good', he said, sympathetically, 'but you're right. I'll give it a shot'.

Later that afternoon, TT who had been sitting in the opposite cubicle came over and asked if we could go to Kairali for lunch. Yes, I said. And hardly a few minutes later, we were speeding down street alleys to the Kairali at Koramangla.

Lunch was an unhurried affair. As on all work days, we did everything we could to stay outside, and keep ourselves from dying of boredom at our desks. But on the other hand, this made it imperative that we found something in common to talk about. And knowing that he'd talk about his bride-hunting, and not wanting to hear about his frantic search for a female slave companion, I stayed quiet. TT and I had nothing in common, except for the fact that we loved prawns and that there was already a plateful of it in front of us, which we were picking at with our forks.

Suddenly, he decided to break the silence, ' I didn't know that you liked squirrels, M'.

I looked up, and stared at his face, wondering if his passionate tone was honest. This was the most humane thing he had said to me in months. 'Well, yeah, I have squirrels at home, other animals too...'

'That's amazing,' he said.

'I didn't know you liked squirrels,' I started to say.

'I love them. But it's difficult. How do you manage to cook them at home?' he asked me.

Need I describe the look on my face?

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Anil P said...

I'm hoping this is fiction, else I cannot imagine how I can reconcile with it!

Did the Vet set the squirrel right?

Meera Vijayann said...

No, Anil. Squirrels are not domestic animals, the minute they are seperated from the mother, they die. It died within hours. And no, this isn't fiction... this guy works with me... LOL!

OrangeJammies said...

Oooh, I am hooked. Tell us more TT tales.

Mayank said...

Wow what a "gem" of a guy LOL.. suggest TT a 'swayamwar' of his own.. Rahul mahajan style.

Btw mam.. whole male race aint a genetic failure :) .. You hvnt met the real gems yet ...

eve's lungs said...

Wow TT is a sell out ! More on him please . I am assuming he's for real ?

Tej said...

OMG!! How typical..Meeroo how you manage to find such asses everytime is what I wonder!!!

Meera Vijayann said...

@ Eve - yes, he exists. And he sits near me at work. In fact, I'm wondering whether I should start believing in UFOs -

@Orange - More coming. More coming.

@ Tej - OMG. Call me.

Arjit Srivastava said...

Unbelievable? Are you sure he's real? =) I hope he grows up. Anyway, more tales, please.

And yes, some species well of both the sexes are completely and genetically failed. So, no deal about it. ;)

Anonymous said...

;) MIA ??

Akshay said...

Hello Meera! My first time here landed up through Raghu's blog. I am hooked immediately. Please tell me more TT tales. Would love to hear them. More power to your pen.

farustar said...

whata wist! this guy"s a work-of-art! hahahhaha!