Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I'm no atheist. There's definitely some supernatural cause for my misery.

I don't believe anyone who says they don't believe in God. Really. Most of the time, they dish out rubbish from books like 'Why I'm not a believer' or 'God exists and so do Martians' or 'Jesus is a fake - I am the real God' or utter tosh like that. But wait till the next disaster - a break-up? genital warts? a math exam? or say, (worst-case scenario) - someone close is dying, then they're singing 'Hallelujah' all over the place.

This, I do not understand.

I'm not a religious person. I've been brought up just about religious enough to understand that religion really has to nothing to do with The Bible or the Vedas or the Quran or Avestas - instead, (I think) the basis of all religions is simply a question of faith. I mean, it could be a hundred different books, but aren't they all saying the same thing? Krishna asks Arjuna to believe in himself when he's in doubt. Jesus asks Mary not to cry because he's going to come back anyway. Mohammed spread word about oneness. And suddenly there are countless saints and gurus in the East and West spending all their time writing thousands of books explaining faith.

And faith is a great thing. We'd do badly if we didn't have faith in ourselves and each other, wouldn't we? Also, faith lets us hope for the craziest things - that beach-house in the Bahamas, that those bad GRE scores don't really ruin our chances to an Ivy league college, that our pets are going to live eternally, that our relationships last against all odds - it's comforting.

But what's with everyone trying to figure out where God is? And wasting all their energy rationalizing that he doesn't exist because he doesn't have a facebook account or no photographs for us to have a look at his face?

That's like trying to prove you love someone by jumping off a cliff.

Personally, I think people like to believe that there's something greater than our sodding existence, that there's a heaven to look forward to, or that maybe we stand a chance of being reborn as something nice, like a rabbit or something. So they put their faith into someone they think is (way) better than your average human being, and they call him God.

Ask me. I talk to God all the time. I don't pray, I just talk - sometimes when I've had a rough day, when I'm flustered, or when I really really need to win a lottery. Of course, nothing happens. But I feel like someone's heard me. No going to a temple, no sitting through boring sermons, no praying five times a day, no nothing. But I talk to him, complain for hours and then cry from time to time when I really need something.

But you see, that's the whole deal about religion that bigots, scientists and the intelligentsia don't get. It's ridiculous to do some hare-brained analysis on the power of our conscience, and psychotic to interpret religious texts literally and go around preaching bullshit.

And its plain depressing.

You see, we are humans. Denial is the only straight road we tread because it's the only comfortable one. Being blind to reality from time to time is important because it is comforting. Take a woman who's dying of cancer, take a parent who cannot afford to support his kids, or better still, let's take ourselves as an example. Do you think our lives would've been better if it had only 'truth and logic' in it? The world'd be one hell of a disgusting place then. I mean, its depressing to think that all of us evolved from monkeys, bad enough. So its only natural that we look into ourselves or look up to someone else for some kind of hope.

If I were to put a label on myself I'd probably be an agnostic. I don't like to think that this is all there is to living and neither do I think God is a celebrity I've got to go all gaga over . I'd like to think that somewhere in-between is where we really are on this planet and that in the end, a conscience and a little faith is all we need.

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Drenched said...

I agree when you say it's all about the faith in the essence of all religions. The problem is that because a lot of us haven't still fully evolved from monkeys, we take all sorts mumbo-jumbo literally.
I talk to "God" too but mostly it's a inner whine going on when things are going bad and I know that someone is being a bitch and trying to spoil it all for me. The rest of the times, I am content to have a little faith in the general sab-theek-hai formula and keep working on my plans. My major problem only occurs when I am struck in traffic. I can't pray for it to move along because there just isn't enough faith for that. That's what's hell is for us agnostics.

BCC said...

I love this post Meera. esp the part that you said " I talk to God all the time...But I talk to him, complain for hours and then cry from time to time when I really need something.
I am Hindu and i do enjoy going to temple and i am religious. But all that being said , i truly believe that i dont need to go to temple to talk to God.. and that's a wonderful feeling.

Revathy said...

I know re, religion, for most of us atleast, is more like something to fall back on.
When nothing is going right, its that hope that will keep us going. Even though, like you said, nothing really happens!

Meera said...

@ Drenched - I'm with you on that girl :)

@ BCC - I love going to the temple or church once in a while too, just simply. It's a nice feeling. :)

@ Revathy - I'm going to marry you someday. We are the same person in two different bodies. xxx Hehe. You're my besty.