Saturday, 8 May 2010

The this, that and those days

I love Sunday mornings. I love waking up early, and curling up on the couch waiting for the sunshine to fall on my face. I love making coffee for my dad and pointlessly arguing about something we've seen on the news. I love annoying my sisters who love sleeping late on weekends. I feed my cats extra. I tidy extra. I go through my memory trunk and sit for hours in the spare room looking at photographs. I catch up with my girlfriends and we speak for hours.

I think everything I love about my life happen on arbitrary Sundays, a Sunday like today. Especially since every Sunday begins or ends a phone call with Revathi, the only kind of best friend a girl can ever wish for.

2 voices:

Revathy said...

:)))) Louuuuuuu

mj said...

just brilliant! mwaaah!