Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Marriage in India is like some weird ass mating ritual.

It really is.

If there is one goddamn good reason that every Indian girl with half a brain would want to leave the country, its because we want to save our lives before being put up for auction on some matrimonial site. Not that marriage is a bad thing, you know, but the idea of marriage in India - the whole idea of picking-off-grooms-by-looking-at-photographs and checking off a mental list of his body stats - hairy, tall, bald, fat, thin, nose, penis of working condition, etc. and financial stats - does he earn enough to get me enough shopping allowance? Is he linked with enough powerful people? - this whole idea is twisted and beyond me.

An aunt I haven't heard from in a hundred years calls me this morning and this is how the conversation went -

Aunt - 'Meera, How are you. Heard you are in Bangalore? when are you planning to get married?

Me - 'I'm fine. Yes, I'm in Bangalore. Not anytime now'.

Aunt - 'When we were 18, all of us got married and look where we are, none of you children these days listen. You should get married.'

Me - 'Sure. Alright, I'll speak with you later.'

What I really wanted to tell my aunt was that it isn't 1960 anymore, and that women have ambition, and I can see where she is now and that's definitely not where I want to be so long as I'm alive.

I mean, this is marriage right? not fresh meat I'm shopping for lunch?

Where is the love?

Mum says that love doesn't matter. And that it will come. I wonder if she meant those new shoes I was planning to buy or some guy with a puffy moustache.

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Revathy said...

Haha,I know, its like that time when my Grand mom wanted me to marry this dentist and she said we have a lot in common because he also reads books!!

I was supposed to marry him and *JUST* read for the rest of my life in our garden.

luv said...

Ah! one more amongst us :(.
I think our relatives have made "marriage" sound a scary thing now,n believe me,the ones born in 60's still live in 60's only.
I know its sad,but be happy,u r not the only one. :)
btw,ur posts r fun to read. :)

absy said...

u r correct,they live in 60's.but u cant say they r wrong.u will understand this when u will b in ur 60's.
life always play games........