Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Can a heavy lunch during work hours damage your brain?

We were sitting at this nearby restaurant, waiting for our food. The conversation was centered around the arbitrary use of English language in India and whether the average Indian really benefits from learning English in the Indian education syllabus -

AMg - Dude, I don't understand why Indian writers use such big words that no-one can understand. Do you think its because they want to sound intelligent? I bet they use a dictionary. Have any of you read Arundathi Roy? I think all these people keep a fucking dictionary open in front of them.

JMc (sounding really flustered) - Please, Indian writers are alright. Why the hell do we have to study Yeats and Byron in Middle school? Have you read 'The Solitary Reaper?' I don't see what the hell he wrote that poem for. I mean, who the hell reads stuff like that?

AMg- (very seriously) - Ya, that's true, but see, that's because in those days these poets were really intense and thought alot and shit like that. So they wrote stuff they felt deeply about.

JMc - (Delirious tone) - Like we cared what they thought about... I mean if they wanted us to understand what they felt and shit, they should've written it in simple English.

AMg - (Very very seriously) - Arre, that's what I'm saying dude. No-one should have Yeats and Byron in Middle School. That's deep intense shit, its something you'll connect with when you're stoned out of your mind. Trust me.

The waiter brings us dessert, and all of us take a moment trying to figure out what the hell we've been served.

Me - Ok, so what the hell is this shit?

AMg - Tuti Fruity.

Me - What the hell is that?

AMg - A bastardized version of fruit salad with ice cream.

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Tejilee Tembe said...

hehe Keep it simple people...I agree!

BCC said...

This is soo good!!