Thursday, 12 November 2009

Where are my twenties going?

That's the question everyone seems to be asking around me. Not to mention that everyone I ask the question to either counter-questions me or says ,' If only I knew'. Why the sudden need for everyone to know where their lives are headed? I mean, did we care where life was going when we were 10? No. Did we care where life was going when we were 17? No. It only hits hard at when we hit that despicable number - Twenty. Then everyone's suddenly talking utter tosh about climate change and marriage and turning relationships long-term and money and investing and yada yada yada... If you ask me, it doesn't even matter. None of us know what going to happen anyway.

The only thing I know is this - if I waste all my time worrying in my twenties, I'm going to be doing something worse when in my thirties.


Now that's something I dont ever ever want to be doing.