Friday, 22 May 2009

Ten reasons why the past two weeks have been happy

1) Loads of chocolate cake, Rasamalai and sweet Boondhi. Setting an auspicious date to start diet, or hit the gym.

2) My maid's neighbour is dead, or so it seems. I really wonder why people die in her family every week. Ok, I actually bought it the first time when she said her brother died. Felt sad, and gave her a whole lot of sympathy, including 1 hour of listening to gruesome details of how he was murdered, and some money. But then, over the past three week, two sisters, a father, a brother-in-law and a stepson have been 'murdered'. Now, the neighbour. Like, seriously. But, I must say, she's quite a storyteller.

3) Remember that lizard in my house? Mr. Speckles? Well, like I said, he began dating while I was away. I spotted three ugly baby lizzies in the kitchen. It's sort of sweet in a very sick way, I think.

4) The UPA government is singing 'Jai Ho' and are all set to change the whole look of the Lok Sabha and all that. They're planning on getting new carpets and new tables.
(And NO, I don't think they care too much about water or power right now, dude, get a life. That's not their problem.)

5) Vellupillai 'retard' Prabhakaran has been shot down like a rat. The Sinhalese army is probably happy, but no-one could be as happy as me. I love real-life drama. Yes,I'm gross.

6)'To-be' former colleague, and partner in crime at work mentioned a few weeks ago that soon he'd be laughing his way out to freedom, while I sit at my desk slogging the rest of my contract till I drop dead. But apparently, not! Operation Freedom from American Company has finally come to pass.

7) Two random people said 'You've lost weight'. Ah, just when I needed come comfort.It made my day.

8) I had Chicken Lasagne. Twice!

9) Five new books on turning 23! with this really cute top from my sister, which my dad thought was 'completely inappropriate clothing to be worn out in my lifetime'.

10) Two entire weeks of doing nothing, but watch television, eat cake and live the Epicurean way!

3 voices:

Gradwolf said...

Eat cake? And lost weight?
And from next week, it will be super happy?

Meera Vijayann said...

Of course Adi! What else can one do when bedridden other than watch TV and eat? Hehe..

ReTRoSpEcTs said...

bedridden??? are u ok?? btw...loved the part of eating chocolate cake and tv! pretty much wat i do these days...since i am "bed-ridden"! :)