Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My life feels like a spoof on 'Famous Five', just that the other four are missing.

OK, I can now swear hands down that my landlord is a smuggler. I mean, ok, I thought the whole 'I deal with exotic birds and endangered animals' story was quite weird when I signed my rental agreement. But it struck me when he showed me pictures of this crazy blue pigeon which was supposedly 2 crore rupees. Really, a TWO CRORE deal for a pigeon. God, so the first time he showed the pictures, I was looking around curiously to see if the darn pigeon was somewhere in his house. Hah, then point number two struck.

The apartment was SO damn small.

Funny question # 1 - Why was over-friendly dealer in exotic species living in the shabbiest part of town? Like, for instance if I had a two crore pigeon or some Persian cats or say, some strange two-headed unicorn ponies, would you stay in some decent ( not expensive but you know..'decent') place or this shabby wreck of a house? Decent place, right? Hmmm, so he's keeping low profile.

Funny question #2 - I never see him. When does he leave? And when does he enter the house? Does he have a trap door or some strange back entrance that I don't know off? Hmmm..very fishy. Also, if I do see him, it's only when I get home really really late from work. And he frantically hangs up every call if he sees me anywhere near him.


Funny question #3 - He doesn't answer unknown numbers. Now, I know alot of people don't answer unknown numbers, but my landlord doesn't answer them at all. The one time I frantically called him to ask him if a transaction had been made, he just wouldn't answer - till I sent him a text saying it was me who'd been trying to call.

Funny question #4 - Where are all these weird birds and animals? His house is just full of empty cages and aquariums.. all stacked on the top of each other, but he claims that the animals are all at home? just...WHERE? in some underground zoo?

WEIRD. I've been feeling like this is a case of Spy vs Spy. But maybe...I mean, maybe... if that two crore blue pigeon built a nest and laid eggs near my kitchen window it wouldn't be so creepy after all.