Thursday, 29 January 2009

Should I worry about the recession?

Remember how I've always cribbed about life and all its pitfalls. Apparently I was doing too much of it post Dec 31 2008 and my boss decided to bring it up this morning.

'Uhm? Are you OK?'

Yeah right, I'd be okay. Who'd be OK after finding out that

1) I've become three kilos heavier
2) that the doc says I'm allergic to Bananas, lime and fish
3)Which meant that I cannot have Vanilla icecream and Banana slices or Banana slices sprinkled with sugar, or Fried Kerala Bananas, or tandoori chicken with tangy lime,or musambi juice or lemonade or lemony mocktails or lemony sweets or lemony anything
4) And to top it all off, my company has frozen pay hikes to save themselves.

I kindly decline the offer to spend a completely non-probematic, non-complain-y New Year.

2 voices:

Tejilee Tembe said...

UGH...Im glad somethings never change ;)

Gradwolf said...

yes you should worry. Give me some company no...