Saturday, 31 January 2009

The beginning of a trial

So, I've made up my mind to listen to his advice.

As he said :

A) We’ll get an early start tomorrow morning and try to enjoy each others’ company here in this beautiful place.

B) We’ll stop feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s not very attractive.

C) We’ll make our plans for the future.

Number of positive, happy things I've done today:

- Called about ten friends and caught up after ages. Also added the 'You guys never keep in touch' dialogue for some effect.

Felt good.

- Thought it'd be a change if I tried something new. Opted for a cup of tea this morning. Hmm. Not so bad, after all.

Felt good.

- Called mum.

Felt good.

- Wrote an extra of my thoughts in my journal.

- Felt good.

See, I told you Adi. I'll make a start!

Thursday, 29 January 2009

On Happy days and those days..

After telling myself time and time again that I shouldn't go overboard with NK, I decided to post him a letter saying how happy I was to meet him over the weekend.


Web services,
Bangalore -01

27th January 2009,

Hey you,

Gotten over the weekend? I don't think I have. It was one of the best weekends of my life. We should meet up more often you know.. I miss you so much, it was pretty sad that I'm seeing you after so long and that we still couldn't spend time with each other. Anyway just wanted to tell you I miss you. I hope you like the movie I've sent. I really want to watch 'Happy Days' you know..



It will reach tomorrow by 12 pm, the woman at the courier office told me. Thank you, I said, that'd be perfect.


Walked into the office this morning to find something lying on my desk. Had my letter been returned already? I'd just sent it last night.

Apparently it wasn't.


A& M Solicitors,
Hyderabad - 16

27th January 2009

Hey -- ,
:) I'm sending you the 'Happy Days' cd or DVD (Don't remember). I had such a great time over the weekend, thanks to you. Send me the pictures soon.My handwriting is pathetic (seek forgiveness for that). Haven't written to anyone in a long time. Writing to you after a hundred million years :). Really don't know what to say.. I'm not a writing person. This is one of my longest mails to you.

Really miss you.


P.S: The movie is really really good.. I copied it onto my comp and sending it to you.

Inside the cover was a 'Happy Days' DVD.

I don't know why I couldn't stop smiling. I just knew he'd probably be smiling too by 12 pm this afternoon. Probably that's why.

Should I worry about the recession?

Remember how I've always cribbed about life and all its pitfalls. Apparently I was doing too much of it post Dec 31 2008 and my boss decided to bring it up this morning.

'Uhm? Are you OK?'

Yeah right, I'd be okay. Who'd be OK after finding out that

1) I've become three kilos heavier
2) that the doc says I'm allergic to Bananas, lime and fish
3)Which meant that I cannot have Vanilla icecream and Banana slices or Banana slices sprinkled with sugar, or Fried Kerala Bananas, or tandoori chicken with tangy lime,or musambi juice or lemonade or lemony mocktails or lemony sweets or lemony anything
4) And to top it all off, my company has frozen pay hikes to save themselves.

I kindly decline the offer to spend a completely non-probematic, non-complain-y New Year.