Friday, 12 December 2008


Girl #1 (waiting for the lift and looking at her reflection) : God, I look so fat..
Girl # 2: Please..don't talk.. you are so thin.
Girl # 1: This is one of those mirrors that show you thin when you're actually fat.


(A very serious conversation inside lift to Floor 9)

Guy#1: Dude.. guess what.. I figured that you can apply to be a part of LeT online.
Guy#2: F@#$! Are you serious?
Guy #1:I'm serious. All you have to do is fill up a form, they even have like a corporate office and everything.. damn good perks apparently.
Guy#3: How much does it pay?? Did you'll find out?
Guy#4: Is it easy to get in?


Girl#1: ARGH. I hate her man.
Girl# 2: Hate who?
Guy#1: She's so dumb. I can lead a team better than her, I swear.
Girl#2: Okay, stop overestimating yourself.


Girl#1: You think I'd put on weight if I keep eating in the canteen?
Girl#2: I don't know, though I don't think it's good to keep eating here.
Girl#1: why?
Girl#2: I mean.. we might start putting on weight slowly..


Guy#1(on a serious phone call from desk phone): Listen, the best thing would be to cut costs right now and put an end to the matter right away.

(3 second pause with hmm hmm hmm..)

Guy#1: Otherwise, call that girl and tell her straight away that you are married to someone else. Really da, in Alaipayuthey it worked.

(1 minute pause)

Guy#1: Seri da maccha, use that other excuse I told you, seriya?


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The truth is..

Life will totally totally kill you. And noone tells you that.

Two and a half weeks of work and I can relate to the term 'all-out-corporate-whoring'. Nothing can describe it better, really. Bitching, analyzing, who's doing what, who's doing who, who sucks up, who doesn't, and the end of it all, it boils down to pure, unadulterated bullshit called 'Business'.

Sleepless nights after covering the Mumbai attacks, I went out with the usual gang to Fuga. I couldn't believe myself; here I was, my poor country still recovering from the shock, and I was going dancing. Dancing when people are going to funerals, but here's the strange thing. I had had enough. Enough of sitting and making news for people to read so that I'd get an amazing rating, enough of poring through hundreds of horrific images of death and misery. Really, I needed a break.

NK called sometime then.

NK: Where are you?

Me: I can't hear you, the music's too loud.

NK: I cannot believe you are in a club at this time. I absolutely disapprove of such behaviour.

(Red alert when he starts sounding like my dad)

Me: I just needed a break..

NK: So why couldn't you go out for dinner? Why to a club? You went dancing yesterday, and yesterday was the last day.. There was an aticle in 'The Hindu' about the youth of our country being absolutely indifferent to the issues of our country..

(Double red alert when his lawyer mode on and starts sounding like the Prime Minister)

Me: I just needed a break.. stop lecturing me now..

NK: Fine. It's no use talking to you anyway.

Me: Stop saying that..

NK: Okay.

Me: Stop saying okay.

NK: Okay.

(Perfect example of how boys rarely listen)

After he hung up, I realised our personal fighting rule didn't seem to change the way we saw things either. The next few days, I was back at work.. TV channels were slowly stopping coverage of the attacks, newspapers were not so interested anymore, and my boss walked up to me and said ' Drop Mumbai, take that story on Shahrukh Khan'. I called NK to tell him what I thought of it all, but he didn't pick up. Later that night, he sent a message saying he would talk to me later because he was at a party.

I know he wouldn't be reading this, so I can proudly scream 'And for crying out loud, life goes on doesn't it?'. How terrible it sounds.

The real world is changing me. And I'm in a place I absolutely don't want to be, yet I hope its for the better.