Sunday, 30 November 2008

The week of firsts and other important issues in life

It's Sunday, and I'm sitting in my office. That should explain the work life to my friends who crib that they can't find a job.

Things have been good the first week actually. I figured that every other person I know hates my boss, and that doesn't change a thing because she's the boss. The canteen breakfast is pathetic but the spread for lunch is fantastic and can even to make you fall asleep at your desk. Have also figured that having my Gtalk status as 'Busy.At work' sounded so pathetic because I've begun to sound like 'one of those' people I didn't want to be EVER. It's just sort of hitting me how difficult my life is going to be:

1) My social life is looking worse than the financial crisis.

2) If I'm going to be working for the next half of my life... OH MY GOD. I'll be working for the next 3/4th of my life, not even half.

3)There are so many things I need! Shoes to begin with, nice party wear, some tees, uhm.. slippers..random pretty junk..earrings.. Jeez. This is so unfair. I need to get paid more.

4) And if I don't get paid more, I might die in debt.

5) And if I don't work more, I won't get paid more..

6) And if I do work more, then its goodbye to social life.


My life is so complicated.So unfair.

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Tejilee Tembe said...

Dont u bitch now...atleast you have sunny weather and not freezing ur ass off by walking to work....!!!

But shoesss.....ugh ugh

Gradwolf said...

i wonder if you would get a chance to wear the party wear.

Revathi said...

Suddenly I feel better...hehe..Im so evil!

farustar said...

HAHAHA! welcome to the tribe! I know exactly how you feel:) right down to the boss detail...ditto i say :)
makes my feel fake if i sign in to a messenger and then relegate the status to 'away' or 'busy' so i only sign in when i can chat...which is increasingly less often....
BTW, which city did you push off to?

Ram said...

Question: Why would somebody keep a status message 'Busy with work' or 'Do not disturb'? If you were really busy he/she would just log off!

Meera Vijayann said...

@gradwolf: I know!!

@ Farustar: Bangalore!!city of perpetual brokedom!!sniffle.

@Ram: Sigh. I wish, but the boss uses Gtalk to communicate. Saves the trouble of walking to my desk.:P

tracy said...

@ d rate u goin wid d wrk senario n after meetin u ova d weekend wudn't be suprised d day u dropped dead from sheer exhaustion.....