Sunday, 30 November 2008

The week of firsts and other important issues in life

It's Sunday, and I'm sitting in my office. That should explain the work life to my friends who crib that they can't find a job.

Things have been good the first week actually. I figured that every other person I know hates my boss, and that doesn't change a thing because she's the boss. The canteen breakfast is pathetic but the spread for lunch is fantastic and can even to make you fall asleep at your desk. Have also figured that having my Gtalk status as 'Busy.At work' sounded so pathetic because I've begun to sound like 'one of those' people I didn't want to be EVER. It's just sort of hitting me how difficult my life is going to be:

1) My social life is looking worse than the financial crisis.

2) If I'm going to be working for the next half of my life... OH MY GOD. I'll be working for the next 3/4th of my life, not even half.

3)There are so many things I need! Shoes to begin with, nice party wear, some tees, uhm.. slippers..random pretty junk..earrings.. Jeez. This is so unfair. I need to get paid more.

4) And if I don't get paid more, I might die in debt.

5) And if I don't work more, I won't get paid more..

6) And if I do work more, then its goodbye to social life.


My life is so complicated.So unfair.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Losing myself

I'm sorry, but I've been up to here doing stuff that feel so wonder-woman to me.Really I'm not exaggerating.


3 weeks earlier

Have been fighting with HR guy from American company who seemed more interested in letting me know why 'my skills' weren't that great after all instead of listening to what I have to say. HR girl seemed better. Why don't guys EVER listen? If he had paused for breath, I could've told him he had a nice voice at least. Well, I said AT LEAST.

2 Weeks earlier

HR guy resorts to desperate measures and starts ringing me at seven thirty in the morning asking 'Uhm.I'm calling from American Company.Are you free to speak for a few mins?'. JEEZ. At seven thirty?Is he kidding me? Ok, even that was forgivable. But then he's flooded my inbox asking to reply 'urgently' because 'the position is crucial'. As if. More or less of a 'dude, if you don't take this you don't have anything anyway'. I didn't want to make life easier for him of course, so I told him that 'I'd think about it' and would 'let him know of my decision soon'. Bah.

1 week earlier

Ok, I gave up. Was busy weighing my options and all that crap, and NDTV flashes that we are going to be in serious trouble in the new future and all. What's with this damn world. God. Then I've got people telling me that it's better to take this up than sit around jobless (which made sense slightly but still). So I tell my folks that I've got to pack up and leave to another city to start work in American company. Oh ya, needless to say mega prime-time serial type drama followed. Also noticed that my folks have adopted new way of talking to me i.e. they email me. I cannot tell you how funny this turned out. I'm mailing Amma and Appa when they are in the same house. When I asked Amma later, she says she just finds it easier to put up with disobedience over email. WHAT.

5 days ago

My entire family decides to drop me off at Bangalore. I cannot believe Amma took off work. This is the first Vijayann family vacation in forever.

3 days ago

I walked into the office of American company at the heart of Bangalore city. Turns out my desk is right near HR guy.

Hah! I'll save the gossip for later.I don't have time anymore, I'm a working woman now you see. Giggle, giggle.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The Whole New World,politics, Obamania and other such things.

'I'm asking you to believe, not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington.. I'm asking you to believe in yours'. 
                                                                                                     - Barack Obama.

America's waking up to a new world, or so it seems. The race is over and the White House has thrown its doors open for the first black man. Everyone is happy, in fact, exhilarated beyond vision. A 600 million dollar campaign had paid off. At least, something got people glued to their television sets, and distracted them from their real world misery. David Plouffe has every reason to ruffle his feathers and smile ear to ear. His work's paid off as well. Don't get me wrong, I wanted Obama to win hands down; America needed someone who didn't want to fight evil and the world needed to see change in the country it really couldn't do without. But here in the real world around me, things have gotten no better. So I apologize if I don't sound that excited to scream 'O for OBAMA!' the hunderedth time. Or in true madras basahai - 'Obamakku oru O podu!'.

While America's been surfing high waters of change, India's been sinking lower. Lower, lower and lower. The last DMDK youth conference held by Vijayakanth, strangled traffic on Mount Road for four to five hours. No, there was no legal action taken. Then, there's a raid on the home of a television actor by around 50 DMDK party cadets for personal reasons. Noone went to jail for that, not surprising is it? In Maharastra, Raj Thackeray is leading an anti-marathi parade. This, in a country that boasts of the being the most culturally tolerant nation. In the north-east dozens of militant separatist groups are beoming active. Noone cares, bombs have become an everyday deal. Rakhi Sawant hogs primetime for winning a dance show on a famous news channel. Surprising? Naah, It's India. This is where we just let everyone be.

 In the past year, India has sunk lower on the scale of corruption, crime and security. Now with the recession slowing taking over, alot more people are dying of hunger, alot more people are in debt, and alot more criminals going scot-free. Will a new political system relieve us the way the current elections swept away the old American mindset? Probably it would, probably it wouldn't. But here's the thing about depending on presidents, elections and business party politics in terms with a whole new world. There will never be an end to terrorism unless the government stop funding terrorists, politicians don't care about the people either, they care for votes. what's left is an anonymous mass of people - ourselves. And the only choice we have is to be the change we want to see in the world around us. I don't know when we are going to realise it, but I think on that note, I cheer for Obama one last time. I cheer for probably the first president who wrote his own speech. I cheer him for keeping the faith alive.

Go Obama!