Friday, 3 October 2008

Is there a new word for (dis)tasteful?

A man carrying a Burberry umbrella worth 200$?

 A baby wearing a Fendi bib worth 100$?

Does this remind us of over-exploitation or the underbelly of India? In fact, this reminded me of a few  other photos that Vogue carried earlier.

inspired by the horror of Abu Ghraib prisoners? 

and this?

apparently they were inspired from..

Please, someone get them new talent. Or at least some grey matter.

(Source for pictures: printculture, Michelle Malkin, Huffington, and NYtimes)

2 voices:

A.G said...

I'm gonna start calling you mini zizek...PT will be so proud of you ;D
But on a more serios note the lack of taste in advertising these days is appalling

Pranay said...

Hehehe...really dont see the meaning behind it all...Must be some...