Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Conversation with dad:

Me: Pa, I'm going to marry whoever I want.

Him: I've got to see him first.

Me: No one's ever going to be good enough to you, you'll have a problem with everyone.

Him: Yes.

Me: Why is that?

Him: Because no one is good enough.

Me: ???!

6 voices:

nishath said...

lolz... dad's na... sometimes... :D

Pranay said...

hahaha..that's' so sweet and true. I think I would have the same conversation with my daughter some time...:D.

Anonymous said...

actually, thats really sweet. i have moments like that with my father. i used to tell him i want to get married in the elvis chapel in vegas. he said as long as there was an aisle for him to walk me down, it doesnt matter.

someday youll appreciate those moments.

Raj said...

haha ya froot...that s chin .!!

farustar said...

typical :)

mumu said...

lol...i can picture this !