Friday, 3 October 2008

Changing times, old clothes and new habits.

Pardon my absence, but I am currently walking the plank, blindfolded, and I know there are a whole lotta sharks waiting to feast on me. In fact, I'm just waiting to be pushed forward.

After three day trips to Bangalore, meeting up with childhood friends who've changed, crazy job interviews and trying to convince mum and dad that I've grown up, I'm exhausted. Not because of the travel, but because of the change. It's so hard to get accustomed to. Now, I've got to shop for 'work clothes', and neat purses, and tidy my hair up to look 'suitable for work'. Depressing isn't the word, I tell you. The world seemed so much nicer when we were in college. No worrying about bills, or taxes, or late night shifts. No worrying about travelling, or fuel, or whether I could just get a day off. 

I'll probably be pushed off to swim with the sharks soon. If there's anything that could offer me comfort right now, I think it'd just be a week of sleep. Or maybe, something more comfortable, like a coma.

6 voices:

gradwolf said...

good luck!

ReTRoSpEcTs said... really thinking if i want to get out of college for now!!! this real world thing sorta scares me!

Anonymous said...

you seem to have worked yourself into a knot. relax. its not so difficult shopping for a changeof wardrobe.

Meera Vijayann said...

@anon : Lol, no no.. I just love complaining.That's all. Tee hee.:)

TS said...

I've been working for 4 years now, and a coma sounds simply wonderful.

Tejilee Tembe said...

I cant get through my first week of work also !!!