Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Why won't I listen?

Because it is plain depressing.

Here's a quick recap of today:
The financial markets are down. Lehman brothers- Merrill Lynch double whammy. Serial blasts. The Congress is in dilemma. Eighty five billion to save AIG. Woman sets maid on fire. Teen stabbed 666 times in satanic rite. Quake hits western Maharashtra. Another Indian girl found dead in the US. Dengue fever spreads. Acute milk shortage in Patna.

Really. I couldn't care less. After throwing all the newspapers in my house into the bin, I watched Cartoon Network with my baby sister.


Ignorance is bliss at times. 

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Pranay said...

It sure is.....but not when you know so much of the news....:D
....and what quake??!!! I am in western Maharashtra...

. said...

There is a fine line between apathy and ignorance. Are you on the right side?

Meera Vijayann said...

I don't get the importance of the fine line. They're all the same to me.. lol..

Meera Vijayann said...

@ Pranay: It was a mild quake at the Satara region. I don't think it affected anyone.:)

Lavania said...

Well Well - Welcome to the my world - Heard of graduating into a recession - I am sure you have - I have just graduated with a MSc in Finance - talk about timing - for you guys its just the newspapers - for us its emails from companies that have hired us, which we fret -a layoff even before you step into the office.. But if anyone asks me why I am unemployed - I have a good excuse - Optimism ??!!

Anonymous said...

I don't get the importance of the fine line.

You are so far across the line, that it is a dot to you.


nishath said...

_the living moment is everything_
- d h lawrence

even if it's ignoring everything thats happening around the world and watching ben ten with ur kid sis