Sunday, 14 September 2008

A series of fortunate events.

For once, my life is taking control of me. My ongoing personal crisis with jobs and relentless complaining about how the world could possibly be such a cruel, unfair, greedy place seems to have sent a telepathic signal to Zeus. Or lesser, not-so-popular-yet-super-kind-God, like say, Arabinose. At least it meant someone was listening.

Fortunate event #1

American company calls for an interview in desperation. I knew it was in desperation because the mail had a smiley in it. A SMILEY. Potential employers using smilies in emails always answers a two way question. Firstly, you know that they will take you even if you don't seem like you could contribute in the least way to the company. Secondly, you could also play your cards and make them wait. No, I'm not in the least surprised and I must say I've been playing aces - now they are willing to pay me how much ever I want just to keep me. And no, I won't apologize for being a brutally honest and sly money-minded minx. I need to be able to afford that trip to Central America.

Fortunate event #2

Remember how I felt that I'd never be able to churn out that book? turns out that there might be a publishing house that is interested in reading unsolicited manuscripts. The woman who spoke to me was also an uncompromising feminist. I knew it because she had just published a whole load of women writing which made no sense to me. All the same, both feminist nature and enthusiasm to read manuscripts appealed to me. Maybe, like maybe, there might be a teeny weeny chance she might like what I've written - especially since it involves a lot of heterosexual relationship bashing.

Fortunate event #3

After an entire month of bitching with girlfriends about the asperities of sharing the planet with the male species, NK has made me change my mind. Of all people- NK. But then I got thinking, maybe they aren't all that bad. He has actually returned all calls and messages over the past week playing professional lawyer, best friend and outright ass at the same time. I guess it also has to do with the 'famous-NK-birthday' coming up which involves alot of women, alcohol, binge drinking and a warped body clock. But anyway our lack-lustre conversations have actually started to sound like normal conversations now. Part way I think there are calm seas and sunshine ahead; the distance doesn't seem too bad now.

Also to add to it, I just found out that mum had left an insane amount of Gulab jamuns, Besan laddoos and Khoa in the fridge. Ah, life can be so awfully sweet at times. I feel so much better when it takes care of me rather than the other way around.

(This is for the three people who have made me listen to the Sunscreen Song over the past years- Uthree, NK and Gradwolf)

3 voices:

gradwolf said...

oh you did! Yeah that comment only. I thought you didn't approve it for a long time.

Taking the job? :p

Ecoute Moi said...

u have been blogging a lot i see...nut. remember wot we chatted about.
n also, dunt mention all those goodies-in-the-fridge na..atleast not on blog which u know i read daily....;/

Uthra said...

sun and screen and all things in between. Ok I dont even know what I mean. anymore. sigh.