Saturday, 23 August 2008


Surprisingly, Former class topper turned enemy turned best friend turned lawyer sends me a rather sweet text message that read:

'I got your mails. The postcard was wonderful. and it makes me sad that its the last mail from England'.

I am busy wondering whether it was actually a hint of an I-am-missing-you-a-little-bit or please-stay-in-England-and-do-not-return-EVER.

As of now, I'm comforted by the fact that boys talk in riddles so that you can never figure what goes on in their lousy heads. Since he wouldn't read this anyway, I must also tell you that he might not have meant anything at all. But then, who knows.

Boys are boys.

And girls are girls. Hah!

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Anonymous said...

It's fun to talk in riddles and see people(read girls) make out different stuff out of it.

No, really. Don't try it.

It's 1 am, btw!

T said...

we will never stop analysing...;0

Revathi said...

Haha..I know T!! We think too much!

fossiloflife said...

truly said boys are boys n girls are girls! thats how well the nature is :P

jus came across the blog from no mans land! can't remember..

Ranjani said...

Boys actually overanalyze waaaay more than women!!
they are just better at keeping a calm facade:)

Anonymous said...

Girls minds are complex and their speech is having more riddles than boys. they will never explain abt themselves and expecting guys to read their mind in which guys are never expertised at anytime.
Just want to say that girls minds are also complex to read...
Nice blog.. Carry on.