Friday, 8 August 2008

Oh my God, I have to lose weight. No, you don't understand.I can't seem to fit into my favourite jeans. Not fitting into favourite jeans can only mean that Yorkie bars and Chips are showing their true colours. And my arms are starting to resemble Jayalaitha's. What am I turning into? I can't even hide them. In another few days I'm going to look like Fat Monica. This stupid internet is not helping my case either. First my hair, now my arms. To top it all, I type in 'How to lose flabby arms in ten days' in my Google search box and get this.

The Question : How do u lose flabby arms? (by Ms.Desperate).

The Solutions:

  1. Cut them off. - Phil,W. San Francisco.
  2. Ask Oprah, She has the same problem. - Crumrudge.,XXooXX.
  3. Cycling machine will reduce flabby arms - Nicole, H., Indiana.
  4. Dude, What are you saying? Cycling doesn't have anything to do with arms. - Sparkle, Ohio.
  5. Surgery. I mean eating healthy takes alot of time.. - WHATEVER.
  6. hi, its good that u are so consious. I wish i were also this consicous.Do you have flabby chins also?I'm soooo fat.. - Darsee, the angel.
Ok, so much for Google making our lives easier.

Especially mine. Hmpfh.

4 voices:

Tie your own shoes !!! said...

It happened to me yesterday, today and every other day. Especially , when at the dressing room i feel all depressed and shitty. Making it even worse, the girl in the next door asks her boyfriend to grab her a size 6 ! Damnn hurts.. size 6 & boyfriend :( :(

My day is spoilt !

TS said...

Ha ha ha ha, I remember saying something similar today while standing in front of the mirror.

But then I went to an amusement park and went on the most kickass rollercoaster ride ever.

Oh my God, I sound like a 16-year-old. Sigh.

Revathi said...

your are NOT fat!!!!

Meera Vijayann said...

@ revathi - shut up. You haven't seen me in two years.You don't know me first of all..hmpfh.I've changed.. *evil laugh*