Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Housing on campus and the hell within.

I'm very tolerant. Really.Not that I am a real joy to live with, but I tolerate more than the next person. Sadly, now it feels as if I've got to remind people about how nasty I can be.

The Onion people who live with me have absolutely no clue how good a vaccumed carpet and a clean kitchen can feel. No, they really don't. And it is p.i.s.s.i.n.g. off. The poor carpet would scream if she had a voice. Onion peels, rice grains, dried dal, biscuit crumbs, bread crumbs and what-not. The last time T and I had tried to make a deal, they swore we would take 'turns' in emptying the garbage. And so much for the talk, they stood watching T , Goel and I as we dragged two dripping (I think it was spoilt yogurt.Eww.) stinky bags late at night just so we can sleep without the entire flat smelling like a pig pen.

T and I had mentioned it a number of times, For. e.g.

T : ' Listen Onion#1. I mean, our kitchen looks really diry, let's do our dishes and vaccum the carpet..'

Onion #1: 'yes yaar, really.. it's dirty, no problem..' she munches on something very high-calorie and dusts off crumbs onto the carpet.

Me (second try): Listen you guys, I mean, we might not get our deposit back if our flat looks like this.. its really dirty..'

Onion #1: 'Arre.. ya I know, we better get it back yaar..'. More munching, more spilling.




If this were America, I'm sure I could sue. But since its not, I'm going to try the next best thing.


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Anonymous said...

lol, girls are girls :p

Oh, this is a problem here too. You get one extra problem here if you keep it that way. Bed bugs! You may sleep in with that pig smell but you can't close your eyes with bed bugs!

Thankfully, we keep our place clean. Really!

Revathi said...

Haha. This is fun.'YOU' are living with dirty people, I can't even imagine.

Meera Vijayann said...

@ gradwolf: Girls are girls!Excuse me!BTW for all that sniggering I'm going to send them over to America to live with you. Then we'll see. hmpfh.

@ Revathi: Ya re!!!! ARGH!!I have loads of bitching to do when I see you.

. said...

That's why one lives alone.

T said...

ha ha the famous deposit!!! We made it, dint we?!!