Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Travel Notes - Leeds, West Yorkshire

There was once a kingdom here, the Chestnut guy tells me. An ancient Celtic Kingdom called Elmet, in the middle of forest called 'Loidis'. Of course, there are no remains of it, but I believe if you walked through the city today, you could still feel the beauty of the middle ages - lost somewhere in its primitive squalor.

Its beautiful chapels have been turned into a jumble of nightclubs. No, the locals don't seem to have a problem. They love their public houses as much as they love God. Most of the churches in Leeds are small and independent, just as the town people. They find love and worship in small things - community service, clerical work and industrial labour. But what does one see in Leeds?

I also figured that people from Leeds aren't called Leed-ians (like Londoners in an obnoxious way). They call themselves Loiners.

Sounded kind of gross to me.


Sounds like a bunch of shags, like one of the guys said. Ah well, who cared.

The city centre (probably the smallest city centre you might have ever been to) is a fifteen minute walk from the University Campus. Located off Briggate, it houses an entirety of shops and retail outlets. You couldn't really afford anything in Victoria Quarter for all its worth (unless you have recently robbed a bank). For example, the sign at the window said the pretty red Westwood dress 'just' cost nine hundred pounds after a fifty percent discount.

Its the nonchalance of the city that touches you eventually; its life is slow, mellow, distant from the humdrum of activity. People sing.. they dance.. noone cares.noone notices. After a week of living here you might probably befriend the handful who live here. The other half you don't meet, you can recognize. Coffee bars, restaurants, underground clubs and stores.. you might know everything in a month, but something somewhere... touches you.

I couldn't describe what it is.

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T said...

love this one....
aiyooo...gonna hit us hard once we leave !!

Meera Vijayann said...

I know..haha.. I posted this around 1 am,when the hell did you sleep?and you were supposed to be studying!ass.Lol.

T said...

i miss it !!!