Thursday, 24 July 2008

Birthday Woes

Today's the winner. It really was one of Those moments. Goel and I spent four and a half hours in the city trying to decide on a gift for T. Four. And. A. Half. Hours. It couldn't get worse than that. She doesn't read, so books were out of question. We weren't sure whether sizes would be right, so shoes and clothes were out, she had just bought herself a Dorothy Perkins bag so that was out as well. Finally, we were left with two options. Get something blindly, or head home.

Exhausted after an eternity of window shopping, we hurried here and there picking up a few last minute keep-asides like the cake and candles before heading home.Tired as hell. But that wasn't what fate had in store for us. Two people who had toiled hard for the perfect birthday and everything.

Five minutes before we surprised her, when Goel and I sat blowing balloons, it suddenly hit us.

They read 'Happy Retirement'.

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