Friday, 25 July 2008

Random things I've noticed in the past few days

- Revathi hasn't shown signs of coming online which means either she is busy or she is ill.

- The guy in the second window from bottom seems to have washed his vest and undies. I'm sure of it as they aren't hanging on his window.

- British newspapers are full of hogwash.

- Yorkie bars and Sweet chilli chips are all I need to survive in this country.I've eaten so much over the past week.Burp.

- Listening to KT Tunstall reduces Emotional 'fuckwittage' and boosts energy levels.

- That my sister sounds like my clone over the phone.

- Cat and Uthree haven't bothered to spend quality time mailing me and I'm making a mental note of it to blackmail later.

- That NK actually seems to like that painting.

- I've been messing up my sorry brain thinking about my apparently-not-so-bright looking future.

- That I love bugging Goel.Love.Love.Love.

- T looks so awfully tired everyday after labwork that I have to bite my teeth and keep all the bugging to do over weekends.Bah.

- That both T and I are going to live on Goel's Colgate toothpaste tube till September and continue to fight over it every morning.

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