Monday, 21 July 2008

The (in)convenience of having best friends who know you so well (that it gets painfully annoying at times):

Me : you think..
Revathi (cuts me short): Yes, he loves you alot. I don't think that, I know that.

Me: You know what, I got drunk last night, I even had a few cigarettes. I've started smoking you know..
Revathi (Dead silence):
Me: ok, fine..I was kidding.
Revathi: Yeah, I knew that was coming next.

Me: Are you busy?
NK: I'll be back in a while ok..
Me: Fine..
NK: I know it isn't fine and you're mad at me now.

Me: You know,, I dunno how to describe it, I felt like.. so confused, I mean.. like I hate it and like it at the same sort of its nice but not so nice.. but in a nice way... you get it?
Uthree: Yeah, I know. I totally understand.

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